Incentive offers vary throughout the year. To see Chevrolet incentives, please visit the Chevrolet Special Offers page: or contact/visit the nearest Chevrolet Dealer. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit:

Because the available options and their prices vary from model to model, it's best to ask your dealer for the specifics. He or she will be glad to explain the options available for the model you're interested in.

Please following our new product on official channels:
Chevrolet website:
Chevrolet fanpage: Chevrolet (VN), or call us on: 1900 232389. Please ask your local Chevrolet dealer for specifics about the model you're interested in. They will be glad to provide you with a schedule. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit: . You could also:
Visit our Chevrolet website:, Chevrolet fanpage: Chevrolet (VN), Or contact our Customer Care Center 1900 232389 for more information.

No. However, you may order a vehicle from the factory through an authorized Chevrolet dealer. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit:

Chevrolet Dealerships have multiple financing options to fit your specific needs and budget. Please contact the nearest Dealer for more information. He or she will be glad to give some advices. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit:


To learn about the specific items on your vehicle, please refer to Section 1 in your Chevrolet Owner's Manual, "Seats and Restraint Systems". For general information please visit product page on Chevrolet website:

Where can I find information about air bags/supplemental inflatable restraints on Chevrolet vehicles?

Payload is the maximum allowable weight of cargo to be carried in a vehicle, including all occupants and optional equipment. It is computed by subtracting curb weight from GVWR.


Chevrolet Complete Care (CCC) is a commitment to ensure your satisfaction from Chevrolet.
The program includes special offers for Chevrolet car owners:

  • Free Roadside Assistance (Eligible for new vehicle purchased from August 19, 2015)
  • Express service
  • 1 year/25,000km genuine parts and accessories warranty (whichever comes first.
  • 3 years/100,000km vehicle warranty (whichever comes first)

Free Roadside Assistance: All customers who purchase a new vehicle from August 19, 2015
For Express Service, Parts and Accessories Warranty, Vehicle Warranty: All customers who owns a Chevrolet.

This is a long-term program, started from August 19, 2015 and yet to have an ending date.

You can vist Chevrolet website:
or contact our Customer Care Center:1900 232389

Services within this program is completely free for all eligible customers.

No, Chevrolet Complete Care program is built to provide Chevrolet customers with exceeded-expectation experience with Chevrolet without causing any additional cost to our products and service.

Beside Express service; 1 year or 25,000 km genuine parts and accessories warranty, 3-year or 100,000 km vehicle warranty, customers are also offered Free roadside assistance service during the warranty period.


All customers who buy a new vehicle from August 19, 2015 and the vehicle is within warranty period.

Nationwide, within the territory of Vietnam.

- On-site service: Battery Jump Starts and Flat Tire Changes (if equipped with spare tire)
- Emergency Towing to the nearest Chevrolet Dealer

In case of force majeure (such as natural disasters, strike ...), towing vehicle may not be able to access incident area.

For all customers who are not part of the Chevrolet CSTV program, Chevrolet Customer Care Center will assists to contact the Roadside assistance crew and customer will pay directly to the roadside assistance crew.

You have 2 options: use free service of the insurance company (Chevrolet does not pay) or contact Chevrolet Customer Care Center at 1900232389 to use Chevrolet's Roadside assistance service.

Repair work is only performed during working hours of our dealerships. In case the vehicle is towed to a dealership after working hours or on holidays, the vehicle will be repaired in the following working day.

Chevrolet will not reissue the lost card
Customers still enjoy the benefits of the program as usual after Chevrolet verifies the warranty validity period of the vehicle based on VIN.

All the costs to rescue a vehicle which is eligible for Chevrolet Complete Care and tow it to the nearest dealership is covered within Chevrolet Complete Care and paid by Chevrolet Vietnam.

You can provide VIN number and our customer care center will verify by this VIN number.
If your vehicle registration is not with you, you can also check the VIN on the vehicle how (each type of vehicle has a different way of checking)
In case the VIN number cannot be provided, Chevrolet Customer Care Center will still assist to call Roadside assistance crew to support you, the payment will be confirmed later after obtaining the card number or VIN to verify.

No. Chevrolet Complete Care only cover the cost to tow the vehicle to the nearest Chevrolet dealership.
In case customer want to transport the vehicle to a place other than the nearest Chevrolet dealership, the cost for will be on customer.

Within Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh: within 60 minutes
Other provinces: Depending on the distance to the incident location, the average speed is 35km/h

No, only requests via Chevrolet Hotline - 1900 232389 are eligible.

Yes. Within Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, customer can select one of the Chevrolet dealership as the destination.


Express service is the service in which a vehicle will be serviced within 60 minutes.

Customer have to reserve a schedule in advance with dealership at which Express service is available.

All customers who own Chevrolet vehicles.

From the time the repair order is completed until the maintenance work is finished and vehicle is handed-over to customer.

Please find the most updated list of dealership with Express service here:
Or contact Chevrolet Customer Care Center.


The warranty period is 1 year or 25,000 km whichever comes first.

All genuine parts and accessories are replaced and installed at Chevrolet authorized dealerships.
Except for Parts and accessories listed in Section III., page 8-10 of Warranty Book

Parts and accessories are not genuine
Genuine parts and accessories are not install at authorized Chevrolet dealers
Parts and accessories listed in Section III., page 8-10 of Warranty Book


The warranty period is 3 years or 100,000 km whichever comes first.
The warranty period is valid from the time the ownership is transferred to the owner (invoice issued date).

Yes. Warranty for Chevrolet vehicles can be performed at any authorized dealerships within Chevrolet dealer network.